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We aim to provide exceptional customer service with all our products, including our saddles. We offer completely customized, made-to order saddles as-well, allow customers to ‘trial’ our demo saddles for up to 1 week. Unsure if the saddle is the right fit? No problem, we will come do a saddle fitting for $75.00!


Why choose KenTaur?

  • The KenTaur factory, located in Czech with their own sport stables situated next to the factory, allowing for immediate feedback from professional riders! The saddles have a classic design that encourages correct rider position and horse comfort. Small output and large attention-to-detail allow for superb quality without an enormous price tag.

  • 100% CUSTOMIZABLE: The length or projection of the saddle flap, the type of leather (classic tanned leather, calf leather, printed French grain leather or country leather), long or short points, coloured piping and/or stitching, the type of panels (Wool, Latex or Combination) and even shiny or ‘croc’ leather and snake skin leather texture compliments are available, as well as the standard options such as seat size, gullet width and colour (Black, Dark Brown or Tobacco). 

  • Adjustable: The adjustable width of the gullet plate means that KenTaur saddles can be adjusted to fit the horse and rider for the duration of the horse’s life, as long as the correct gullet size was selected on purchase of the saddle. Gullet  sizes range from 1-5 (based on angles*), with 1 being the narrowest and can be let out or brought in 1 full size.


* Sizes and angles:

1 (Narrow) – Angle 63 degrees

2 (Medium) – Angle 73 degrees

3 (Medium Wide) – Angle 83 degrees

4 (Wide) – Angle 93 degrees

5 (Extra Wide) – Angle 99 degrees

What are flocked panels?

Flocked (aka stuffed with wool): these are stuffed with fully synthetic wool which is very elastic and has the ability to adapt to the shape of the horse. All wool panels are gusseted to allow saddle fitters more adjustability.

Latex: Latex panels are foam encased in felt, and can only be adjusted with pads and shims. These are made from soft latex which does not change shape. The latex panel does not need to be re-stuffed and offers the rider closer contact.Latex panels are more suited to warmbloods or horses with flatter backs, as the panels are shallower to allow close contact with the back. However Latex panels do not offer the same fitting abilities of a flocked panel and would not suit a horse with a high defined wither/spine.

Sandwich Panel: a combination of the above. This panel offers advantages of both panels as it smooth on the horses back whilst still being adjustable.

There is the option to increase the height of the saddle panel 1cm, 2cm or 3cm if the horse needs it (i.e. is sway backed).



What are the saddle leather options?

* Standard – vegetable tanned leather from the best European tanneries

* Double calf leather – soft, non-slip leather for additional comfort

* Grained leather – French vegetable tanned leather


What saddle colours are available?

Every KenTaur saddle can be ordered in Black, Brown or Tobacco. 

What does 'Croc detailing' mean?

Croc detailing is essentially croc skin features that line the front flap and back seat of the saddle, adding a stylish twist. 

What seat sizes are available?

We offer seat sizes in half inch increments from 16" to 18.5" (with smaller sizes available in the Children's saddles).

What can you tell me about the saddle tree?

Almost all Kentaur saddles have a flexible fibreglass tree that is lengthwise reinforced by spring steel. The body of these saddle trees is made of fibreglass with polyester web straps. One exception is the Kentaur 'Titan' Jumping Saddle, which has a new carbon fibre tree (essentially a mix of carbon and kevlar fibres).

What does the 'height of the saddle panel' mean?

Horses with high withers and lower line of the back need a higher saddle panel in the back part of the saddle. Wool stuffed panels (flocked) are available with a +1, +2 or +3cm option.

How do KenTaur ensure the quality of their saddles?

With regards to the saddle tree, KenTaur provides a warranty on each new saddle - a duration of five years for the tree. In addition, a duration of two years for faulty craftsmanship. 

If my saddle is made to order, how long will it take for me to receive it?

The downside to having a handcrafted-from-scratch saddle is that it will take slightly longer to produce. We recommend that with the manufacturing process and shipping, your saddle may take 6-8 weeks from the time of order. During this process, we will endeavor to keep you up to date on the progress of your new saddle, and at its time of arrival will provide free shipping to you immediately. If we have a demo saddle available, we are able to offer the use of a Kentaur saddle whilst you are waiting.

Why do all KenTaur saddles have embossed numbers in the leather? 

Every saddle is a unique creation of the craftsmen that manufactured it. In the process, each saddle receives a serial number which partly allows you to determine the month and year the saddle was created. The saddle is also marked with the size of the seat (i.e. 17.5") and the gullet chamber width (i.e. 3).

How can I best care for my KenTaur products?

Each product needs to be cared for and maintained so that it lasts. Each saddle/girth/bridle etc is created with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, and thus the level of care you give them should reflect that. We recommend leather items to be cleaned and greased with leather balm at least once a week, and girths and bridles more often if sweating is excessive. Ensure that the creases in the leather girths are shown special attention. 

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