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“Without asking, I received an e-mail from our friendly local Brittany O’Donnell. She knew I was looking for a horse so she sent me some pictures and information. She mentioned that he may be a good match considering what I was looking for. After receiving all the information I needed, we set up a visit. At first, I wasn’t fond of traveling 4 hours away to trial the horse, but this was the best decision I made in the last few months thanks to Brittany. She was right! He wasn’t just a good match though, he was the perfect match! I couldn’t believe how easy but fun this experience was. Brittany was there every step of the way from travel to vet visits to trailering and everything in between. She was professional but very honest and comforting at the same time which but my mind and heart at ease the whole way through. Now we are here waiting patiently for our beautiful boy to be shipped down to Fredericton, NB and Brittany decided to also be by my side when he shows up as well! Her professionalism is astonishing and I highly suggest that if you are looking for an equine partner or even considering selling your horse, she is someone you should absolutely consider! Thank you Brittany O’Donnell.”



Isabel Lacroix

Fredericton, New Brunswick

"If you are looking for guidance in finding the perfect horse, I would highly recommend

Brittney O’Donnell


As a newcomer to the horse world, I had been trying for some time to navigate the various sites on-line and personal contacts to secure a horse for myself and my daughter.  One horse I landed on was being sold by Brittney.  The horse looked perfect to me but after speaking with her a few times, she was very honest and upfront and simply said it wasn’t the horse for me.

Instead of sending me off on my own she offered to help me on my journey.

The fact she didn’t just sell me the horse she had for sale was a great indication she is in this business for the right reasons… Making horse lovers love horses even more.


This same theme continued for several weeks, she would present prospects to me but at no time did I feel any pressure to make a purchase on a horse that didn’t seem just about perfect.

Throughout the entire process she was easily accessible and extremely prompt in all replies to any and all questions that I had. And I had a lot of them!!


Once she did locate a horse that was indeed the perfect fit, her equine expertise in finalizing the purchase was a tremendous asset. Because of this, all of the anxiety I thought I would experience completely vanished. It was a seamless, easy, peace of mind purchase. I couldn’t have done it without her. She literally looked after every single detail.


My daughter and I are looking forward to many years of enjoyment with our first horse, Lucky. If you are considering purchasing a new horse, Brittney O’Donnell would get my highest recommendation."

Micheal O'Pray

Riverview, New Brunswick

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